Windows, Icons, Mice, Networking! Where did it all come from?

In March of 1980 Pat Dane led an Advanced Technology Team that was responsible for bringing several key products out of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Pat was the point person in introducing the "Alto Workstation", forerunner of the 6085 Star System, Mice, Icons and Ethernet to the Public and Private sector. The core elements that are commonplace today with respect to the Windows Operating System, Client Server technology and Networking along with the Macintosh, all had their original roots at PARC. Pat spent 15 months gaining input from over 400 commercial and government entities that led to the very successful launch of the Star on April 29, 1981. The 6085 Star System, which was the precursor of the Mac, was awarded the "Product of the Year" by Fortune Magazine in 1981.