Software Publishers Association nominates for a Codie

At the time there were over a million web sites on the World Wide Web. stood out as a great new business idea and the first entrant into this new market called "e-commerce". In September of 1995 Pat had an idea that he wrote a 5 and a half page business plan for. He called, for lack of a better name at the time, the plan, Jiffy Tune. The intent of the plan was to outline a business that was analogous to a Jiffy Lube station on the Internet. After sharing the plan with some friends Pat shared it with his brother-in-law Mike Walter and the two went into business together in December of 1995. With Pat as Chairman, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer and after raising $2 million in financing and signing a strategic marketing relationship with Symantec Corporation, was launched in May of 1996 and became the first true "Service oriented" web business on the World Wide Web. After getting the business to over 26,000 subscribers it was sold to Quarterdeck Corporation in June of 1997. To this day comparisons are made as to how innovative this business concept was.