Who said that you couldn't save a fax and edit it?

In the spring of 1991 Pat Dane had a vision for a product that would change the way business people interacted with others. The idea was that you should be able to send a fax from one computer to another and then be able to edit the fax on the other end as if it were a Microsoft Word document. Over a period of 6 months Pat worked with the executives at Calera Recognition Systems about integrating Fax software with OCR technology. In October of 1991, as General Manager of Fax Products at Calera, Pat introduced a revolutionary new product to the market called "FaxGrabber". Within the first three months of the product's inception Bill Gates demonstrated it in his Keynote Address at COMDEX in November, 10,000 Retail Outlets picked it up for Distribution, 2 OEM's licensed it and over 25,000 units were sold. The product was a huge success. As a matter of fact 6 months later it was the #5 product in units sold at Ingram Micro and the #6 seller in terms of revenue of all products sold at Retail.