FaxWorks for Windows, #1 in OEM and #2 in Retail sales

Pat took over this struggling Windows based Fax software company (SofNet, Inc.) in July of 1992. The company was losing $50,000 per month and couldn't get its product to market. Pat took over as President and CEO and immediately raised $2 million dollars in financing, hired a new management team, and acquired new technology and a group of World-Class software developers. With the underlining technology that was the best in the business and a new name FaxWorks for Windows, along with 5 separate SKU's, Pat and his team opened up Retail Distribution to over 12,000 Retail outlets and went on a frontal assault to the PC OEM market. After a period of approximately 5 months FaxWorks for Windows was the #1 player in the PC OEM marketplace with its software being shipped on PC's ranging from IBM, HP to Nec and over 15 others. In the Retail marketplace FaxWorks was #2 behind market leader WinFax. SofNet was saved from extinction and bankruptcy and later sold to a public company, Global Village Communications, Inc.