Entertain This

By Pat Dane & Mike Walter

TuneUp Boys A friend of ours is a curling addict. He loves to watch grown men broom heavy stones from one end of a frozen lake to another -- much as Pat enjoys hauling a quart of Hagaan Daz from the freezer to the sofa. Any way you slice it (or scoop it, in Pat's case), entertainment is an individual matter. As they say, That's Entertainment!

So, with apologies to Fred Astair, Gene Kelly, and the rest of the stars from the great MGM musicals of yesteryear, we proudly present our ode to entertainment on the World Wide Web.

Pat & Mike's TuneUp Tip


The Internet abounds with Web sites devoted to glitzy Hollywood films and action games. But the best online entertainment delivers an adventure that you can easily experience in the real world.

In that spirit, you'll want to visit The Digital City WebGuide, Microsoft Sidewalk, or any of the Yahoo!City links.

Each service offers a complete event and entertainment guide for most major cities -- including concerts, restaurants, watering holes, parades, art galleries, and special events. Which means you'll spend less time finding what you want to do -- and a lot more time doing it.

That's Netertainment!
(sung to the tune of ... you get the picture).
Read the sports
While you're still in your shorts.
All the stars
And the landing on Mars.
Or it's a brew
On your webtv, too
That's Netertainment!

It's a soap
Or what's hot on the "Hope"
It's a sky cam
And the King of All Spam
Hip hooray!
The Web is the way.
That's Netertainment!

The mob
And the farm
They're all on display.
The dolls
The pets
And a quick getaway
Fireworks and ballooning
Marbles and cartooning.

The cars
The Men In Black stars
The jelly beans,
The Civil War scenes
You can bet
You ain't seen it all yet!
The World's on the Web.
The Web is a World of Netertainment!

Now where's an audio clip when you need one?

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