In September of 1995 my Brother-in-Law and I created a concept that later became an Internet startup called . During our launch of the business tons of people compared he and I to "Click and Clack", the Car Talk Radio guys on NPR and encouraged us start a radio show and we did. In September, 1996 Pat & Mike launched "pat & mike's World Wide Web Radio Show. In the following months the show was picked up by and aired on the Internet and got national syndication with Premiere Radio. The show had over 250,000 listeners every quarter hour on real radio and had over 100,000 listeners worldwide on the Internet.    Additionally we ventured into some TV segments with CNET. There are several audio and video segments on this page for your listening enjoyment.

Additionaly there are over a years worth of
articles that we wrote for HP's Ebusiness magazine.

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